Brian´s S800 Racecar


Here you can see Brian´s S800 Coupe Racing projekt

All the damping material have been removed (6 kg) and in the front and middle under the car all groundpainting have been removed too, the only thing left is the groundpainting in the rear end. The engine compartment have been sandblasted and Zinked. There were a little bit rust in one of the front wing, but that was almost it.


D.14 to D.17 May- 98

Here are the inside and engine compartment and downunder the car painted. And by the 17 the whole car was finaly painted.

D. 16 June -98

D. 14 July -98

The Wire Harness have been restored and put back on the body. The brake pipes are made in copper and are also back on the car. Next thing is the frame. We have sommer holiday so we will hopefully get far with the project.

D. 21 july -98

Now we have cleaned a lot of thing including all the rubbers to the frame, the door handles, steering mechanism and a lot of other stuff. We are still working on the LSD but we don't have it ready yet. New brake pads in Carbon Metallic have been made (Very good for racing, you can dose the brakes much better and brake a lot later).We have made som windows in Plexiglass. They are 6 kg lighter that the orig. windows glasses. Today we put some S600 Torsion Bars in the frame and but the steering mechanism back on. The speeder, brake and clutch pedals are fitted in the car, and tomorrow we are going to put the brake and clutch master cylinder on the body. We hope to have the body on the chassic in the start of the next week. We just have to make a gear box first.

D. 23 july -98

We ran into a little problem today. We found out that the rear axle housing was bended in the right side of the housing. The axles is from another car so they are okey. Tomorrow we will try to set some pressure tools on the axle house and see if it's possible to make it straight again. So the frame is not set on wheels yet :-( The front suspension is ready to put wheels on and today we also took the gearbox apart. It look pretty nice inside and we just washed the alloyhouses and tomorrow we put it back together with the new close ratio gearaxles, if we can get some rollerbearrings in time.

D. 31 july -98

The engine on it's way down to the frame.

D. 5 august -98

The engine and close ratio gearbox is now fitted to the frame and all the suspension is on its place.

D. 8 august -98

Finaly the body was fitted to the frame. It took almost 1 hour to place correct and we did not make any scratches in the painting .

D. 13 august -98

Now the dashboard are fitted to the body. The generator and some of the electrical are fitted. The fuel tank, which are from a S800 Conv. becaurse it can be placed in the mittle of the car to get better weight displacement, are about to be painted and fitted in the car this weekend. We also hope to have all the electrical finished by the end of the week.

D. 17 august -98

The dashboard is finaly finished and all the electrical are made. We had a little problem. The car was totally dead. We messured the voltage from the main safty switch and found it ok. After 15 min. we found out that on the current gauge meter had the wires had been quite warm becaurse of a short curcuit between something. It had caused the terminal was melted a little and the wire did not have contact with the meter. After we fixed that it all worked except the front light and the turning signals. The problem was the car is a MK 1 and the wire hairness are MK 2. We found another other turning/high beam switch and the the head light was ok. The problem with the turning signal was that we did'nt want a hazard switch in the car so we did not fit that. You have to do that otherwice it wont work. So now all the electrical are finally working. The fuel tank from a conv. have been painted and placed in the car. The windscreen have been placed.

D. 25 august -98

The doors and rear are fitted and the radiator are fitted. All the crome lists are about to be fitted. The rubber parts to the doors we just recived and are about to put on. hope to have the car running by the end of the week. It have to be finiched D. 5 september were we are going to join a big race in the center of Copenhagen.

D. 5 sep. -98

Finaly the car is running. The day before raceday it drove for the first time in 22 years. We had a little problem with the front brakes. The right caliber hanging. When you hit the brake hard the car was steering to the left side. The right brake caliber had a problem with the bias ring in the piston. It was to tight a could not return to it's normal position. The problem was solved and it seemed to work ok. We have drove about 40 Km test drive all together and parked the cars on their trailers. This morning we drove to the track at 6 am and unpacked our stuff. The cars went through the Technical Control without much trobbles and we waited 1 hour until it was our turn to practice on the track. It was the first time I drove the car, becaruse I had to go to work the day before, and did not have time to test drive. I started up slowly and drove a couple of laps slowly. I could feel the rear end was a bit lose when I drove fast through the corners. When there finaly came som temperature in the tires the problem seem to be solved. The handling of the car is pretty good and the close-ratio gearbox from M. Ortmann is perfect. The brakes was also okey, but I think it does not brake quite as good as the Yellow coupe who is MK II. My brake master cylinder are MK I and the brake lines are a bit smaller because we had to use kobber brake lines wich are a little small in the hole. I don't know if this could make any difference ?. The next session was qualifing and we only got 3 laps on the track to set the best time. So as soon as we started to go fast, the session was over. We are now at home again and will now try to see if there are any air in the brake system. In the qualifing I think it pulled a little to the left and high speeds and a little to the right at low speed. The race tomorrow are in the center of Copenhagen and it's a street track which is very bumpy. We are just going to take it slow, and get the cars home in one piece.